Hi, this is Tim Berge.

Time to take a look at today's ultraviolet index for the island.

According to the most recent UVI predictions from 

the Enviromental Protection Adminisrtration,

it's gonna be another one of those days for a sunburn alert here in Taiwan.

First, up here in the Taipei area, the UVI prediction is 10, which is very high.

So, please remember to stick to the shade from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Elsewhere around the island,

Kaohsiung also has a prediction of 10, which is very high.

And Taichung has a prediction of 8, which is high.


ultraviolet     紫外線

UVI UltraViolet Index     紫外線指數

Enviromental Protection Adminisrtration     環保署

surburn     曬傷

alert     警戒

stick to     待在;堅守

shade     陰涼處

elsewhere     其它地方


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